Egyptian Cotton Sustainability


A high-level round table meeting brought together key stakeholders of the Egyptian Cotton value chain. We aim to enhance private public dialogue towards Egyptian Cotton sustainability and advancement in the global markets. 

We are grateful to meet such important and influential people like H.E. Ezzeldin Abu Steit Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation. Mr. Richard Dictus UN Resident Coordinator. Dr. Cherine Khallafthe Chairperson; of the Development Projects’ Council of Ministry of Trade and Industry. Mr. Riccardo Savigliano UNIDO Program Manager. Mr. Wael Olama Chairman Cotton Egypt Association (CEA). Mr. Felice Longobardi, Italian Agency for Development Cooperation. 

At MTC we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is a continuously evolving philosophy. 

In MTC, following all the laws of the land and being legally compliant is a prerequisiteWe go beyond just following the rules of the land when it comes to caring for the environment. We do not seek benefits from the government with which we cannot deliver a greater social good than leaving it with the government itself. We care to be morally fair to our stakeholders; be it suppliers, employees, customers etc. 

At MTC we believe in constantly reviewing our CSR polices and refining them as we become economically more empowered. Therefore, we become consequently socially empowered to continuously raise the bar on what we consider right and wrong and go far beyond legal requirements in all spheres. 

At MTC we believe it is our responsibility to share the wealth thus created with our shareholders, employees as well as the society at large in proportion to the profits.  

We strongly believe that it is the duty of economically empowered organisations to involve in policy advocacy that reduces the unnecessary transfer of taxpayers’ money to private enterprises through unwanted subsidies, incentives, etc. In other words, work with a deep sense of responsibility towards the inclusive growth of our nation. 

At MTC, we believe that it is more important to create wealth without creating distortions to the nation’s inclusive growth. We compromise fairness in dealing with stakeholders and the environment than just sharing a small portion of the profits with the society at large. 

At MTC, we take care of environmental sustainability and creating an adequate welfare system for the employees. Thus, improving the reputation of the company and its ability to attract intelligence, which therefore means improving the profitability and economic solidity of the company itself. 

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