OUR corporate culture

MTC Corporate culture

Values and standards – MTC creates a corporate identity based on defined standards and values. As preparing a sustainability report as a monitoring and control instrument. We improve interaction with our various stakeholders and involve them in our activities. In addition to supporting social and local projects to remedy grievances in the producing countries.

Sustainable action/work, operations – We optimize our internal processes based on ISO 14001. Also reduce the environmental impact within our organization, e.g., using sustainable office materials such as paper and energy-saving lamps and installing solar panels. as we are converting our fleet to low-consumption vehicles and promoting carpooling opportunities. We use the most sustainable means of transport for business travel and offset our carbon emissions.

Sustainability communication – Our company promotes the internal communication of sustainability issues.

Employees – We promote open, trusting, and respectful communications as well as a viable family-work balance, in addition to raising our employees’ awareness of sustainability and encourage them to participate in events and discussions on the subject of sustainability. We aim to introduce a “sustainability guide” to assist our employees.

Corporate organization – Mediterranean textile company entrench the topic of sustainability in our corporate structure and define clear responsibilities.

Business model – MTC is aligning our sales channels and corporate form to meet the needs of sustainability.

Anti-corruption – Corruption harms all economic operators worldwide. MTC strictly rejects corruption and favoritism in all its forms. in addition, we have documented our definition of fair business practices in our anti-corruption business principles.