Spinning Yarn, in textiles, is the process of drawing out fibres from a mass and twisting them together to form a continuous thread or yarn

In man-made fibre production, the name is applied to the extrusion of a solution to form a fibre which is a process similar to the method by which silkworms and similar insect larvae produce filaments.

Mediterranean Textile Company is the largest producer of yarns in the Middle East & Africa. We specialize in spinning and producing high-quality yarns. Accordingly, we aim to operate using the latest technologies and up-to-date spinning machines that meet our customer requirements for high-end quality textiles and yarns. Industry experts & clients all hail our products exceptional quality compared to other manufacturers, which has allowed MTC to export its organic yarn production to all corners of the globe! 

Moreover, we supply GOTS organic yarns, BCI Giza and Supima yarns, core-spun yarns, gassed yarns, mercerized yarns, dyed yarns, and many more.

Spinning yarn machines and manufacturing process

Our machines and spinning systems are all integrated to ensure the best performance and the highest quality. For instance, our spinning yarn production process has many stages in which we convert the raw cotton to our final product of high-quality yarn. The suction systems at all the production stages of spinning yarns keep the machinery system clean and dust-free. Likewise, the tension control during the spinning process controls the fuzziness and hairiness of the raw material. Consequently, the automatic tension control in spinning yarn machines reduce the chances of damaged yarns and threads.

Take a virtual walk through our factory by checking out our gallery below. Keep up with our spinning yarn manufacturing process from the initial phases of production all the way to the final product.  

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