Long-life textiles

Our name says it all. With their unique characteristics, our products provide the best basis for top textile rental service productivity. The long-life and high-quality textiles especially developed for industrial laundering ensure high processing stability and maximum service life. We selected special fabric blends that maintain an optimum appearance, brilliant colors and top comfort over their entire life cycle. 

Far from being just a catch phrase, “long-life” characterizes our entire activities. Our products are designed for longevity. By using excellent yarns and fabrics, we specifically address the high demands of professional textile rental service. 

Organic Cotton Yarns – GMO Free

Egyptian Organic cotton varieties are grown by using methods and materials that lessen the impact on our environment. Egyptian Organic Cotton is not treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, and Genetically Modified Organisms. It is the most suitable cotton to produce long-life and high-performance fine yarns. 

Count Range: Ne 5/1 to Ne 160/2 or 160/3. 


Cotton Compact Yarns

MTC produces yarns with long staple & extra-long staple, fine cottons like Egyptian cotton & Supima cotton, offering a wide range of counts from Ne 5 to Ne 250 targeting niche market segments of Europe, Asia, Middle East, Americas & South America. 

Count Range: Carded & Combed Compact from Ne 5/1 to Ne 250/3. 

Core Spun yarns

Core-spinning is a process in which the fibers are twisted around an existing yarn either in the form of a filament or the staple spun yarn.
MTC produces a core spun yarns for Bottom wear and Shirting with lycra as well spandex using Egyptian Cotton.
At MTC, we also produce Cotton/Poly core sewing thread yarns. It has great abrasion-resistant feature with less break rate. It is an ideal choice for making jeans and work clothes and is especially applicable for high-speed industrial sewing machines.  

Count Range: Ne 24 to Ne 60 as well as twisted yarns. 


Mercerized Yarns

Mercerization is a process that makes the yarn smooth, stronger and more lustrous than conventional cotton yarns. It gives a luxurious look to the garment. MTC uses Long-life, fine cotton fiber of Egyptian and Supima cotton giving fancy look to the final garment. 

Count Range: Ne 5/2 to Ne 120/2 or 120/3. 

Cotton Sewing Threads

MTC produces high quality sewing thread yarnsWe use long staple Egyptian cotton, treated with care during the spinning and mercerizing process, giving thread a high affinity to the dyestuffs used in post dyeing. So as to make it an ideal choice for sewing 100% cotton garments, food filters in addition to general sewing applications. It is biodegradable, highly absorbent and static resistant. 

Count Range: Ne 16/3 to Ne 60/3. 


Crochet Yarns

Our crochet yarns are made from extra-long staple 100% Egyptian cotton, Soft & supple. Crochet yarn is a top choice when you want to create items like spring time garments, summer shawls, all-season blankets and various other crochet designs & patters for several uses. Mercerized and lustrous or Natural Combed & Dyed, tightly twisted Plied cotton threads, suited for hand knitting, general embroidery use. 

Count Range: Ne 4/3 to Multi Twisted counts up to 12 ply. 

Cotton/Linen Blend Yarns

This unique fabric is so versatile! The medium weight printed linen/cotton blend is a great quilter’s linen – perfect for any quilting project. It’s also perfect for shirting, dresses, skirts, and even home decor projects like window treatments and toss pillows. 

Count range: Ne 8/1 to Ne 30s with customised blend ratios. 


Cotton/Silk Blend Yarns

Cotton/Silk is a blend of both fibres, combining positive characteristics of each into a single textile. A lightweight, silky and comfortable weave, silk/cotton fabric has a soft and sturdy, silken drape. It is usually made as a primarily cotton blend.  

Count range: Ne 8/1 to Ne 60s with customised blend ratios. 

Cashmere Blend Yarns

It is characterised by a solid texture unique to a double structure and a soft touch unique to smooth knitting. Its style is classic and always in trend for it features a relaxed look.  

Count range: Ne 8/1 to Ne 20s with customised blend ratios. 


Lyocell & Lyocell/Cotton Blend Yarns

Lyocell fabric is an amazing eco-friendly fabric that represents a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable textiles. It is a natural, man-made fiber. Made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms. It has natural breathability and 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton, and due to its moisture management, Lyocell is also anti-bacterial. Its smooth fiber surface feels soft and supple against the skin and its incredible wicking abilities keep the skin dry, making Lyocell a great fabric for sensitive skin. 

Count Range: Ne 6/1 to Ne 60s. 

Bamboo & Bamboo/Cotton Blend Yarns

We carry an ever-expanding line of organically grown bamboo fabrics. Our bamboo fabric is made using organic cotton combined with the best possible method of bamboo fiber production. It’s definitely a long-life and high-quality fabric, all natural, designed to clothe your little ones and yourself in the greatest comfort while decreasing your exposure to many of the toxic chemicals used in textile industry.  

Count Range: Ne 6/1 to Ne 60s.