We have obtained a great trust of our customers and gained a great credibility in a very short time for supplying best quality products  and meeting with required specifications and quantities; our factory has 58,000 Spindles with production capacity of 450 tons per month for single counts and 205 tons per month for twisted counts which resulted in making us Egypt’s largest production capacity of compact yarn and the country’s largest exporter of compact yarn.

MTC is the Egypt’s largest producer of all types of threads; weaving, knitting and sewing, Raw White, Dyed, Gassed, Mercerized and bleached.
we have incorporated in Egypt on 17 January 2006 as a Joint Stock company and one of the leading yarn companies in the middle east located in Borg Al Arab Industrial Area, Alexandria; covering a massive factory of 30,000 sq. meter on an 88,000 m² land area to produce compact yarn using the best row materials like: Egyptian cotton yarn, Supima Cotton, Ultima Cotton, Greek Cotton, Bamboo Fiber, Tencel Fiber, Modal fiber.

We spin and export 100% Egyptian Cotton yarn and Supima yarn with complete traceability and with DNA test guarantee. We are approved members of Cotton Egypt Association with Gold Seal and Supima council. In medium staple cotton we spin yarns with Ultima cotton and Greek cotton.



 Mediterranean Textile Company believes in upgrading its methods, techniques and products always to fulfill customer needs; using the best technology to improve our products and our laboratory is always on priority in the upgrading process. 

In each passing year, we have reached a structure easily integrating with innovations by tracking technological developments through its innovative, young and dynamic structure for producing compact yarn. 

We are also expanding our product range according to market needs in man-made regenerated fibers; we are now spinning yarns with Bamboo, Tencel and Modal fibers. In the past year 2018, we have also added organic Egyptian cotton yarn to our products which is considered the finest yarn in the textile market what puts us in a leading role among yarn companies .



 Mediterranean Textile Company in Egypt belongs to the reputable Saif Group having 2 more spinning units in Pakistan.

In MTC we care for personal talents and coordination and establishing a suitable workplace environment, accordingly, made it a rule to be successful in business life by its characteristics of work ethic, integrity and reliability in line with our main targets. 

We will always response to our customers under changing and developing market conditions by maintaining investments and continue to be preferable without compromising quality and customer satisfaction.


Values and standards – We create a corporate identity based on defined standards and values. We prepare a sustainability report as a monitoring and control instrument. We improve interaction with our various stakeholders and involve them in our activities. We support social and local projects to remedy grievances in the producing countries.

Sustainable action/work, operations – We optimize our internal processes on the basis of ISO 14001. We reduce the environmental impact within our organisation, e.g. by using sustainable office materials such as paper and energy saving lamps and installing solar panels. We are converting our fleet to low-consumption vehicles and promoting carpooling opportunities. We use the most sustainable means of transport for business travel and offset our carbon emissions.

Sustainability communication – We promote the internal communication of sustainability issues

Employees – We promote open, trusting and respectful communications as well as a viable family/work balance We raise our employees’ awareness of sustainability and encourage them to participate in events and discussions on the subject of sustainability. We aim to introduce a “sustainability guide” to assist our employees.

Corporate organisation – We entrench the topic of sustainability in our corporate structure and define clear responsibilities.

Business model – We are aligning our sales channels and corporate form to meet the needs of sustainability.

Anti-corruption – Corruption harms all economic operators worldwide. We strictly reject corruption and favouritism in all its forms. We have documented our definition of fair business practices in our anti-corruption business principles.


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Saif Group is a Pakistani conglomerate company largely focused on textile industry and is owned by Saifullah Khan family. It manages and owns 11 companies. It is based in Islamabad and is involved in power, health care, textiles, real estate and telecommunications.